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Don McNatt: Guestbook

Willy Mena

October 31, 2013

Really enjoyed hearing you play Dog Of My Dreams !! Thanks to you and Karen for your southern hospitality !! Willy and Barbara from Miami

Genny Laurie

February 2, 2013

Well hi there - read your bio - you look so different with the long hair. Wow who do remember - D.J., R.J.?? Me??

Before I say much more - want to make sure I have connected with you directly.

Best, Genny

Jeremy Dean

January 18, 2013

Hey, Don! Just stopped by to give your songs a listen! Great stuff! Thanks again for stopping to see Richard and I play during the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival! Always a pleasure!


December 16, 2012

Dez.12 2012, AirPort Munich, Christmas market:
Hi Karen, Don and Fred,
Many thanks for the great evening at MUC. You made our company's visit to the Weihnachtsmarkt very, very special. I hope you enjoyed the Kinderpunsch. I wish you all the best, have a great Christmas and an even greater New Year. Keep it up! You guys rock!

Obi Nkpa

August 6, 2012

Have a song to discuss with you about.

Lucia McNatt England Wheeler

June 6, 2012

We are distant relatives-not sure of the exact lineage relation. The music, drama (aspring songwriting) genes remain in the McNatt blood in our folks. My Dad, William Kenneth McNatt, son of Sutton Marion McNatt, fondly talked to me about Speedy McNatt's opry fiddling many times. My Dad lost a battle with cancer in 2006 at Vanderbilt. Wish he could've met you!

Murphy Odom

April 25, 2012

Like your site

As Always

Jeffrey Backus

March 12, 2012

Hi Don,

Life's too short to forget good friends like you and Karen.
So, here I go to say hello, and looking forward to seeing you guys again at some pount soon!


Phil Colley

February 25, 2012

Hey Don
Enjoyed the jam session at Donna's new studio opening last might. I haven't been envolved in music since the sixties and the garage bands of that time. It was a joy just to be with musicians again. Hope to see you around there again.
Phil Colley

Steve Landress

December 29, 2011

I saw you perform Tuesday night at the Bluebird with your friends. Great show. Good music. A great Nashville treat for a visitor from Florida. Thank you for a great experience.

Rob & Deb Shaw

December 22, 2010

Hey guys,
Nice web site. I was just checking it out and listening to samples. It sounds good. Keep it up.
Take care,

anthony barbara

November 14, 2010

hi its anthony from BREWN canberra,i wanna speak spanish and call around and visit.Loved both your company and its a big world out there and ian so glad to have meet you both.anthony

Mike Hufstedler

October 30, 2010

It was good riding back with you from Paris this month!
I really like the song BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!
See what's up with Tom T Hall & drop me a note.
God bless you & the Wife!
Mike Hufstedler
You can also contact me @
personal email is checked daily @

Tom Cunningham

October 9, 2010

Dear Don & Karin,

Yes, it's me again, "back from the grave". And although I did have a stroke in the year 2005, I've been working very hard on my music, and my life, to still “keep on going”!

Now, this part involves you: my nephew, 30 years old, is getting married in New York City next April, 2011. I'm going along to celebrate… and, since I am in the Big Apple, it occurred to me, "Wouldn't this be a great time to visit Nashville and see what's up. I haven't been back since my "Schlagenanfall” of five years ago, and it would be a great time to get back in the studio and lay down the tracks on some new songs of mine. Those Nashville musicians -- can't beat ‘em."

The time I'm looking for is the last half of April, from the 25th to the first, about a week… are you going to be around during that time? It will be great to renew some old ties…

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Take care,


Joe Zentis

September 22, 2010

I'm excited about your coming to the area in October. Edi and I will be at the McQuiston Center on Oct. 20. Are you performing anywhere else?


August 9, 2010

great music and songs. I really enjoy "I wanna speak Spanish". I think it's a fantastic song. Thanks for making the music.

Carey Weeks

August 4, 2010

I saw you perform last week (July 30) at the Battleground Brewery. I thought you were fantastic. I could have listened to you all night. Such great storytellers! Thanks for making my visit to Franklin so memorable!

Olivia Wright King

August 4, 2010

Heard you at the Battleground Brewery on July 30th and just LOVED your music! You and Karen were the perfect addition to my summer vacation! Hope to see/hear you again VERY soon!


February 20, 2010


Jimmy Roberts

January 2, 2010

Hi Don, keep up the great songs! Check my songs out sometime at

Craig Cropper

December 23, 2009

Don, really enjoyed talking with you the other night in fairview Craig and janet Cropper

Bill Smith

November 15, 2009

Hello, Don and Karen! I'm enjoying this site. Hope to see y'all at Newbury Gathering X. Bill Smith, Teague, Texas

Circle E Guest Ranch

October 28, 2009

Would like any information about having you at our facility sometime

Fred Guggenberger

September 12, 2009

Hi guys

Just a few days left until we get back on stage in Bavaria. This time we will not only rock the house, we will rock the houses :-)

See you at the airport!


Don & DSue Lummus (Don & Sue, The Texas Two)

September 7, 2009

We heard you guys at the "world famous" Best Western Music Row back a couple of weeks when we were there for our Renunion of Old Farts in The Army..
Ya'll just blowed us away! Can't believe we got to hear y'all in such a small place..y'all definitely were "way above the standard" there.
Hope to see you again someday soon.. maybe that big ol' road will cross your paths along the way to pickin' somewhere.

Just wanted to say Howdy.. and Thanks for allowing us to be able to hear your stuff.
Also.. would love to trade you out of that big Gibson!
Come visit us on our pages..,, or our new facebook..


June 28, 2009

Hans Tiger Smits
(Songwriter/Producer)from the Netherlands.
I am searching for new contacts for my New Talent:
And searching for new Acts

Morning Glory(NL)
Hermien Swart (NL)
Jessica Sina(Ialy)
Barry Nice and the Nice Guy 's

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Hans Tiger Smits



January 14, 2009

Many thanks for article. But it not so has helped me with a life.


January 5, 2009

A great resource - many thanks!


December 31, 2008

Hi. Good site.


December 30, 2008

Have a nice day for all!

Alan Heidelberg

December 16, 2008

You always were the "best" singer I ever had the opportunity and enjoyment of performing with. I still find myself driving around singing "Officer 413".
Old Drummer in Memphis: Alan

samsung LN46A650

December 16, 2008


I've found your post to be very useful, though the information is not new.
I'm your permanent reader now!

p.s. BTW, what happened to your site template? Or is it just my browser? :)

Sonja Hartmann

December 4, 2008

Thank you for visiting me and giving me a
so nice interwiev.Thank you I love You.
Please com soon again

your sonja


December 3, 2008

What do you there there new US politics

Fred Guggenberger

November 17, 2008

Hey guys!!!

Can´t wait to have you back here. Looking forward to rock the house again :-)

Love and hugs:

Andrea Praml Hengersberg

September 29, 2008

Thanks for the great Musik Eveening in Bavaria Hengersberg - Germany !!!!!
We love you !!!! Andrea


September 27, 2008

magic story very thanks


September 23, 2008

great site thanks see u


September 5, 2008



September 3, 2008

Hello to members of this site please to have joined your forum.

Mary DeLong

August 23, 2008

I heard y'all for the first time at Larry's Garage tonight. You guys are awesome. Hope to hear more of your music. Good luck with it.

Fred Guggenberger

August 18, 2008


I´m looking forward to see you again. We will have a ball and this time: No chance for bad restaurants :-))

Rock on!!



July 15, 2008

Best web site! Great! :)


May 6, 2008

N5d0Th Hello! I'm Samuel Smith, i'm from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!

Fred Guggenberger

March 10, 2008

Hi you :-))

Thank you for the great time in munich. I wanted to show you the city but in the end, it was me, discovering new places there and.... forget this bad restaurant we were, haha

Looking forward to see you again soon!!!



January 20, 2008

Hi Friends!

Very interesting site, beautiful design, thank.
Good afternoon!

Heinrich Farber

Linda Glisson

January 18, 2008

Had you on my mind, so googled you. Looks as if your life is going very well!

Let me hear from you...perhaps you can get booked up here.


Rosvel Corby

January 14, 2008

Hello all

Great work,webmaster,nice design!
How are you doing.

Otto Ludwig


January 12, 2008

Hello all

Fantastic website you have here
Burkhard Pfizer

George Allen

January 8, 2008

Enjoyed the show today 1-8-08 taped in July anyway...

I am a writer with a group here in town and we are looking to get our music exposed..just wondered if you had any advice for us?

George Allen


December 30, 2007

very good , useful site

Mike Skelton

December 21, 2007

Just an ole Treadwell grad fondly remembering the many times you entertained us. Thanks for them all!

Alvaradosas Munija

December 21, 2007


Good content and very informativity! Thanks!
very thanks
Herbert Nikolaus


December 11, 2007

good project :)
senks :)


October 30, 2007

I checked your calendar for the date you will be coming back to Texas...I didn't see it, whats up wif dat?

Tom & Wanda

October 29, 2007

Hey you stars! This is neat!
Love y'all, T&W
p.s. when I tried to listen to music, it only gave me the words. What do I have to do?


October 9, 2007

Its very cool!!!
I like this.


October 7, 2007


Sergeant James McNatt

September 29, 2007

Hope you guys are doing well. Website looks great. Jayme is taking guitar lessons and loving it.

Jimi Jamison

June 18, 2007

Hey Don just thought I'd drop in and say hello. Cool site man.

Jimi Jamison

gabriel villuendas

May 20, 2007

greetings from zaragoza of spain

Ray & Shirley Smith

May 16, 2007

Our pleasure meeting you at Tanya's LYRIX last night

Byron Mathis

May 10, 2007

thank you so much for letting me part of a great night at your home with the Wisenhiemers. I am the big 400 lb. curly headed man that sat on your big comfortable blue couch last night (May 9th). This is my first time and i can't wait to come back and try my pilgrimage out on your stage. I can see that there are many talented songwriters that come through your doors.. I just wished i could more see I am a captain on a line boat that runs up and down the Tennessee River and this job requires me to be gone for 28 days at a time and I am only home for 14 days at a time. In my first carreer before boating I was a disc jockey at a medium market station for about 14 years and have played music since i was 6...if you like you can find about me at this is one 3 websites i am currently working on. as you will see I never left my first love and i am building my own studio... although i live in illinois i am just 2 hrs from Nashville...thank you again for your fantastic hospitallity...sincerely the way great website!

Carol and Mike Jones

March 27, 2007

Yes, we've become your "groupies". Loved seeing you at Caffeine and Lyrics recently. Thanks so much for "Better Late than Never". Remember now, when that song becomes a hit, we get invited to the celebration party!

tammy Nelson

March 14, 2007

I would like to meet you both. I have choir tonite, but may need directions to come. A friend of Sam Caplin invited me. I would like to sing where you do. Also, listen to any material available. When is next event?

Tammy Nelson

Beth Browne

February 24, 2007

I hope that at sometime in the future we'll be able to play together again. (Lrix with Barbara)

Heidi Wright

February 3, 2007


Just met you tonight at the Big Bamboo in HHI, SC! You were awesome; hope my friend, Jessi, stops by to meet you!

Dennis McNatt

December 31, 2006

Its nice to see and hear of You .I to love to sing and I secretly sing gospel that is my favorite.I wonder if we could be related somehow?

Doug and Keatha Caldwell (DAL)

September 11, 2006

Greetings from two of your
biggest fans!!!!!!
Best wishes to you both and keep
on keepin on!!!

Sam Cooper

September 10, 2006

Wish I could be in town for the 2nd Wed. thing, but I will be back next weekend. Looking forward to seeing you at a songwriter night. I always enjoy your tunes.

bill mulroney

August 15, 2006

Very cool website.....I'm the maryland singer/songwriter who showed up at Debi Champion's writers' night the first thursday in august...heard Don perform,and complimented him on his songwriting skill....then met Karen at the Delta ticket counter on my way home...pretty amazing coincidences....stay in touch...if you invite me to a writers' night I 'll come back to is the friendliest town I've ever been to....Bill Mulroney.

Charles Abraham

July 11, 2006

For some reason, I googled your name. It looks like you are doing well. I still live in the old neighborhood and teach school. Englsh at Treadwell. (no kidding!)

Julie Flath

June 14, 2006

Hey Karen and Don,girl I am SO happy for you, its been awhile that I have seen you and I haven't met Don but I know you are very happy and you are doing what ya want to do! I think that is great! Hope to see you all soon, when I am home for a visit again in Nashville! God Bless you all and best wishes!

Love ,
Julie Flath

Larry Whinnery

June 12, 2006

Don & Karen,
I really enjoyed meeting you & hearing your music at the Bell Buckle Cafe. That is one venue I really enjoy playing. Hope to see you again, soon.

Rebecca Diaz (Loschiavo)

February 13, 2006

I lived at the Clay-Lyon and have such fond memories of every Friday night at the Holy City Zoo. You may remember me as I was Susan's friend. We visited this weekend and I asked about you. Hope this finds you well as I always thought you were such a nice man. I currently live in Guam and became a veterinarian.

Nice web site.

Fond memories,


Bennett Leslie

January 17, 2006

My daughter won the "Sing To Win" contest at the Wildhorse in 2004 out of about 60 contestants being judged. She opened for Julie Roberts and Keith Anderson for the 2005 New Years Eve party. We have been trying to get some of the record companies just to give her a listen, but have not been successful. She could make them some money as well herself. A gentleman from Broken Bow was one of the judges, so she must be reasonably good. We are new here from Kentucky and do not know many people in the music circle. How do you get the companies to at least listen?

eddie mugavero

November 30, 2005

Hi there..
See you on Tv all the time and wanted to say 'hey'...I like your show!

Heidi Carter

September 6, 2005

Love the photos ~ Love the bio ~ Love the songs~ Love the site ~ This is cool I didn't know that you had a web page. Keep up the good work. Hope to make it to a 2nd Wednesday one of these days....

patti waner

August 12, 2005

hi don and karen ... patti here.. met you at the wbb jam.. well i moved here from Chicago about 2 weeks ago.. staying with lynda and dennis at the farm.. my email is me and i will send you my land line # will be at the williamson county fair tonight

Detective James McNatt (Atlanta Police)

July 21, 2005

Uncle Don,
I checked out your website today during some down time and was amazed at all your accomplishments. After reading your bio I realized the impact you had on my life. That impact was following your dreams and never take no for an answer. Because of you I followed my dream of becoming a Police Officer for a large Metropolitan Police Department and accomplished that goal after many years of trying. Your website also let me get to know the man I did not know. Thanks, you are truly inspirational. Det. J. McNatt
P.S. The album sounds great! Keep in touch.


February 5, 2005

just to let you know, i love the cd!! played it last night, and will keep it in my rotation. my pick for last night's show was 'i wanna speak spanish'........great tune..... Watch for the playlist

Rusty Carr

January 13, 2005

Well Don & Karen, I finally made it to you 2nd Wednesday's Event. It was a very rewarding time. I would suggest that anyone would love to sit and listen to the great music we heard in such a great atmosphere!!!

Keep up the good things you do for all in the music industry....

Frank Egloff

December 21, 2004

"Thank you for the musical evenings in Bermuda"
Frank Egloff, M.D.

Randy Shaw

December 4, 2004


I got an Email from Karen with the link to your site; I had never seen it. I learned some things about you from your Bio page! Also, the photo page was fun. I see that your writer's night is the 2nd Wednesday; I will plan on doing one of those real soon. Looks like you and Karen are having fun.


Amy McNatt Nutzell

November 28, 2004

Your website is very nice. Great job! You are truly one of the best story tellers I've ever heard and you have always been a "pied piper" of children. I've never met a child that wasn't drawn to you. I believe music feeds are souls and yours is well fed. Following our dreams is our journey in life. Keep on following them. Love ya!

Kevin Ball

October 13, 2004

Yo Don.......
What can I say?
I am plum (and grape too) honored to be linked to your website. I just want people to know that you are one of the coolest and nicest guys in this town. Not to mention your songs rock. I always come away from listening to your tunes with a smile and then some. Its the "then some" that I worry about. But don't you worry...YOU are the best dude!! Don't go changin'...Captain Buster

Natalie Nutzell

October 5, 2004

Hey Cousin! I just ran across your website, and am enjoying it. Tell Anna and Jesse that I miss them very much and should come visit me sometime.

Lori Shropshire

September 21, 2004

Just now found your website, and it rocks! The pictures are great. I look forward to seeing both of you at 2nd Wednesday and writers' nights. Cheers, Lori

Jeffrey Backus

September 6, 2004

Hi Don,
it was so much fun and a great pleasure to have welcomed you in our humble home in London. Last night, doing our impromptu gig at "The Kingston Gate" was fun, and as usual you left the audience wanting more, and more...
Hope to see you again soon here in London.
All the best!

Donna White

August 18, 2004

Hi Don and Karen,
well finally made it to the 2nd Wed. songwriters night , and enjoyed it so much. Such great singers we listened to and some really fine songs.
Everyone was so nice and made us feel very comfortable.
Thank you for sharing your home with us , you are really fine folks.
Love this web site,

Sharon Gudan

August 12, 2004

I love much fun to look at all the pictures. You have a really good's great that you share it with others. Great job on the website!

Bradd Banks

August 10, 2004

Don, Karen, Website is as easy and friendly as a get together with ya'll. Seems I keep going out of town the 2nd Wed's(not on purpose), can't wait to get back. Don, thanx for your help.

Kathy Chinn

August 9, 2004

my friend Donna J. has told me so much about you and wanted me to come to your special get to gether at your house.So we are planning to come Wed. for the special event with the song writers. I am looking forward to hearing you sing.

Joe Copenhagen

August 8, 2004

Don...great music and songs. I really enjoy "I wanna speak Spanish". I think it's a fantastic song. Thanks for making the music.

Lezlee McNatt

August 6, 2004

Uncle Don....checked out the website !!!! It looks great. I loved seeing all those photos of you from your past to present...I had no hats off to you...Love You , Lezlee..tell Karen I said Hello xoxoxox